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Collecting Business Information, Setting Up Tracking & Background Check

Alright so since i screwed up the last time, i thought that it’ll be good if i get my shit together. I didn’t get organised and forgot to set up analytics in place properly.

So i spent some time going through Google Analytics, did some background checks on things like local citations, backlinks and redirects. And went on to create spreadsheets for them.

I’ll probably look into reporting on a monthly basis to see if there are any improvements made over time. Date logged: July 28th 2017 – August 28 2017.

Local Business Information

The purpose of doing this is to basically to make my workflow much faster. I wouldn’t want to keep going back to the client every time i need some information about their business.

So by gathering as much information about the client as i possibly can right at the beginning, i would run into lesser roadblocks and surprises along the way.

Local Business Information 1 Screen Grab

Local Business Information – N.A.P.W

So essentially some basic information i’d recorded down are the local business’s NAPW as well as citations done previously. (which they didn’t do)

Other than that, other questions such as,

  1. How many locations does the business have locally?
  2. Have they done any form of SEO work before?
  3. Where is the website being hosted?
  4. Where did they buy the Domain Name?
  5. If the business has a Google My Business Account? And if so, could they provide access to it?
  6. If the business has a Google Search Console? And if so, could they provide access to it?

Well yeah.. basically questions like that.

Google Analytics Data

So i had set up Google Analytics & Google search console for their domain and generated a report for the past month. Here’s what i got.

Google Analytics Data 1 Report

Google Analytics 1 – Landing Pages

Google Analytics Data 2 Report

Google Analytics 2 – Audience Overview

Google Analytics Data 3 Report

Google Analytics 3 – Acquisition Overview

Google Analytics Data 4 Report

Google Analytics 4 – Traffic Source

So traffic isn’t great but there are still people visiting the site. And looking at the traffic source, it seems that most of their visitors come from direct traffic. Maybe i can look into getting more referral traffic from guest posting, social media or forums.

Okay enough of those numbers, moving on.

Local Business Citations

So using, i realise that there has been NO SEO efforts put into building local citations for their website. Moving forward, i’ll probably try to build more of these.

Bright Local Citation Campaign Tool 1 Screen Grab

Bright Local 1 – Citations

Bright Local Citation Campaign Tool 2 Screen Grab

Bright Local 1 – Citation Recommendations

One of the tools i will be to track and build citations. Jew-ing on the free 14 day trial for now. 🙂

Local Business Information 2 Screen Grab

Local Business Information 2 – Citations

Adding on to that, i will be using this excel sheet to track the number of citations that i’ve submitted.

Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Backlinks

Moz Local Domain & Page Authority Screen Grab – Open Site Explorer

Majestic Trust & Citation Flow Screen Grab – Open Site Explorer

SEMRush Backlinks Screen Grab

So using tools like Moz open site explorer, Majestic and SEMRush (i check all 3 as different tools give different results), i went on to check on the website’s Domain Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flows & Number of Backlinks. 

I found out that similarly, there has been no efforts put into building back links (like local citations).

Backlink Tracking Screen Grab

While building backlinks, i will be using this excel sheet to track back linking efforts as well.

Competitive Analysis

This spreadsheet is to track other local businesses in the ‘Learning Therapy’ space in Singapore as well. I will be tracking and analysing competition to look out for any opportunities.

Competitive Analysis Screen Grab

Competitive Analysis Screen Grab

301 Re-Directs

Lastly, i know that there will be 301 re-direct work that i will have to do. So this excel sheet will track the re-directs that i have made. Just in case i lose track of them.

I will be using to check for any forms of redirects on URLs.

301 Redirects Tracking Screen Grab

301 Redirects Tracking Screen Grab

Well that’s the end of it. Till next time!

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