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Local SEO Part 1: Google MyBusiness Local Pack

I know i know it’s been awhile since i’ve been back but hey! it’s with good reason. Mainly because job hunting took me quite a bit of time. But the main reason was.. that i was a little lazy haha.

I finally landed a full time agency job (not gonna say where it is) handling paid media; GDN, Search and Social PPC. I even get to touch Google Doubleclick which is great! It’s been smooth sailing tryna get a job doing something that i’m interested in after college; i’ve met my colleagues and they’re awesome too.

I actually also landed a music tech startup job. The people there were cool and the pay was dope as well. I swear i think it was the hardest decision that i had to make this year to decide between both jobs. It was sooooo hard to give it up over an agency job. I swear Bry from 3 years back would have killed present me for turning it down. *cough* corporate sellout *cough*

Anyhoo, enough about the life updates, jumping back into doing some SEO optimisation.

Review/Key Statistics

It’s been awhile since i’ve checked on the website’s visitor metrics and i thought it’ll be good to check out Google Analytics and Google MyBusiness first. So the date today is 7/11/17 and here are the stats for the past month.

Google MyBusiness Screenshot 1 Baecon Marketing

Google MyBusiness Screenshot 1

Google MyBusiness Screenshot 3 Baecon Marketing

Google MyBusiness Screenshot 2

Google MyBusiness Screenshot 2 Baecon Marketing

Google MyBusiness Screenshot 3

Google Analytics Screenshot 1 Baecon Marketing

Google Analytics Screenshot 1

Google Analytics Screenshot 2 Baecon Marketing

Google Analytics Screenshot 2

Whelp.. yeah it’s not great but at least there’s some traffic to the website and people are visiting it. Now it’s time to try to get it up.

NAP Citations vs Links

So for local SEO, essentially the two primary factors that Google uses to decide which business ranks in which positions (according to local context) would be Links Citations. It is formed on the basis that the more business get mentioned online it means that it is more popular/authoritative and thus deserve higher rankings.

Links look like this:

click here

Citations look like this:

SEOmark, 34 Links Drive, Birmingham, West Midlands, B91 2DL (0330001152)

34 Links Drive
West Midlands

SEOmark, 34 Links Drive, Birmingham, UK

Some of these information are gotten from BrightLocal.

Usually a full citation will include the complete NAP and should be consistent across ALL business directories.

Reviews & Citations

Right now my focus is on Local SEO and the way i’m going to approach this is through Reviews Citations.

As for reviews, uhm.. i’m going to leave this for another time. There are a few Google Review building techniques/ideas but that will involve some offline work. So for now, i’m just going to spend the time building citations for the business.

So i was googling around and i found a list of business directories that i should target for the website. Here are some of them,

  1. Yelu
  2. Thunder Quote
  3. Kompass
  4. ST Directory
  5. Singapore Business directory
  6. Eguide
  7. The green book
  8. Insing
  9. Singapore biz dir
  10. Enter Singapore
  11. Anglo info
  12. Hot frog
  13. Singapore SME
  14. Greenpage Sg
  15. Singapore Advice
  16. SME Tool Kit
  17. Tuugo
  18. Just click
  19. Yelp
  20. Directory SG
  21. Grow business
  22. etc..

As you can see, the list is exhaustive. There’s so many citations that has to/can be done. One way to get around this problem of having too many websites to submit your citation to is to prioritise the more authoritative one over the rest.

Another way you can do it is to use paid services like BrightLocal/WhiteSpark to get them to submit the citations for you. They have tools that allow you to do competitor analysis to allow you to see which citations you should gun for if you want to compete with them.

You can try Fivver as well but i’d rather stay away from that. I mean.. you get what you pay for so the quality of work may not be there.

So yeah.. here you go! I’ve recently started submitting listings. We’ll see how it goes.


I know the importance of tracking results from my citation efforts but i’m broke right now (cues young dumb & broke) and the only options that i find online needs me to pay (BrightLocal & White Spark). I was looking around of free options but i don’t seem to come across any. Would love to use White Spark & Bright Local, they look cool but meh they aren’t free. 🙁

The only form of tracking i’m doing right now is through an excel sheet as shown here.

Citation Tracking Screenshot 1 Baecon Marketing

So yeah! That’s it for citation listing. Will update this space if there’s any improvements in traffic/changes. Stay tuned!

Next i’ll look into keyword research, tracking and start to look at backlinking. Recently i found this SEO Powersuite and it looks dope. Will probably start exploring it in my next post.

Till next time!

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