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Lessons Learnt From Over 8 Months Of Instagram Automation (Does It Really Work?)

About Instagram Automation

So why do people use Instagram Automation? I think for most companies/influencers/even for me, the top reason would be that it takes a hell lot of time and effort to properly manage an Instagram account; let alone 3 or 30 accounts.

To be honest, a lot of internet marketers/affiliate marketers make use of Instagram Automation a lot. Just so that they can tap into and sell digital products to many different markets at the same time.

That’s how got started/interested in Instagram Automation in the first place.

What Are Instagram Bots & What Do They Do?

From Massplanner to Instagress to Followliker, all of them have the same basic features. Which is to reply to scrap your competitor’s followers, post comments, post new content, auto-like, auto-follow/unfollow amongst many other functions.

Brands/marketers do this mainly to get more exposure for their Instagram page. In hopes that the person that they followed/liked will notice their account, like their content and follow back; maybe even buy something from them.

Instagram Automation is great because it frees up your time completing these menial tasks to do more important things!

Instagram Accounts That Are Currently Still Active (CAA 19/09/17)

Before diving into the meat and potatoes of this post, i thought i should share with you the accounts that i have been managing over the past 8 months.

I have 3 accounts. 2 mainly targeted at females (Health & Fashion), while the last one posts motivational quotes/posters.

Disclaimer: Although the bot is still running till today (19/09/17), i have stopped posting new content since April/June. Even with inactivity, the Instagram Accounts still grew. Meaning that automation of Instagram Accounts have growth hacking potential.

Account 1 (Women’s Fashion)

Instagram Automation 1 Baecon Marketing

Instagram Screen Grab 1 – Account No.1

Instagram Automation 4 Baecon Marketing

Instagram Screen Grab 2 – Example Post 1

Instagram Automation 5 Baecon Marketing

Instagram Screen Grab 3 – Example Post 2

Instagram Automation 6 Baecon Marketing

Instagram Screen Grab 4 – Example Post 3

So for the first account, its content mainly targeted women’s fashion. And as you can see, over the past 8 months, i’ve garnered over 15.4k followers! With 2,590 likes on one of my recent posts.

Not bad for an account run by automation + inactivity eh.

Account 2 (Motivation)

Instagram Automation 2 Baecon Marketing

Instagram Screen Grab 5 – Account No.2

Instagram Automation 7 Baecon Marketing

Instagram Screen Grab 6 – Example Post 1

Instagram Automation 8 Baecon Marketing

Instagram Screen Grab 7 – Example Post 2

So for account number 2, content was mainly motivational quotes or inspirational stories. Content on this account didn’t work as well with only ~7.5k followers with likes averaging at about ~700 per post.

Account 3 (Health & Fitness)

Instagram Automation 3 Baecon Marketing

Instagram Screen Grab 8 – Account No.3

Instagram Automation 9 Baecon Marketing

Instagram Screen Grab 9 – Example Post 1

Instagram Automation 10 Baecon Marketing

Instagram Screen Grab 10 – Example Post 2

Last but not least, it’s an account in the Health 7 Fitness niche. It has about 10.5k followers with about ~1k likes on each post. Pretty decent.

But considering it’s a women’s fitness motivation page, there are a lot of creepy guys out there who follow the account to ogle at women. That’s a given.

Concerns (Blackhat) & How Do i Set It Up Myself?

So.. you might be thinking, “Dayum this looks good! Would you teach me how to do it too?” But is it all peaches and syrup though? Here’s what i’ve learnt over the past 8 months.

As for how to set it up. I may decide to write on it in future. Maybe next time in another post yeah. 🙂

Instagram Automation: Pros

  • Easily automate monotonous and time consuming tasks. Likes, comments, content posting, even DMs.
  • Ability to reach out to hundreds/thousands of people; even when you’re asleep. Program runs 24/7 on a cloud server.
  • Easily manage anywhere from 3 to 30 Instagram Accounts at once.
  • You can scrape your competitors accounts for followers/users, allowing for extremely precise audience targeting. Follow/like photos of users already interested in the niche you are targeting.

Instagram Automation: Cons

  • Run into situations where you may make an inappropriate/awkward comment or DMs on photos.
  • Is this method considered Blackhat? Yes definitely.
  • Since it’s a Blackhat method of running an Instagram Account, you do run the risk of getting hit by the ban hammer by Facebook. Personally i had about 5 accounts banned before i managed to make this work.
  • May get insincere/undesirable followers on your Instagram page. People who are not genuinely interested in your content/product but follow back for the sake of it.
  • Constantly check your followers to sieve out genuine followers.

Instagram Automation: Closing Thoughts

Most people frown upon automation but is it really that bad? I don’t think so.

In my opinion, if we use these programmes in tandem with legitimate online engagement strategies, this would work amazingly well. Some examples would be to hold give aways, contests or “tag a friend” post to further engage your followers and get them excited. (More on these strategies later on in other posts)

So yeah.. other than the fact that it is a Blackhat method, i still feel that automation in moderation is perfectly acceptable.

Alright that’s it for now.

Till’ next time!

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