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SEO Audit Part 4: Case Study – Google Search Console

SEO Audit: Case Study

For part of the General Health Audit, i will be covering the following pointers.

Google Search Console

  • Search Appearance & Structured Data
  • Search Analytics
  • Search Traffic
  • Index Status
  • Crawl Reviews

Structured Data & Search Appearance

So schema markups are crucial to gaining more SERP real estate on the web. Some examples include,

Schema Screen Grab 1

Schema Screen Grab 2 Baecon Marketing

Schema Screen Grab 2

Really strange because i used a plugin to insert some schema into the website. But it seems like google isn’t picking it up!! Will look into it.

Rich Cards Screen Grab 3

Rich Cards Screen Grab 3

Even the rich cards aren’t working! Really strange.

Search Analytics

Search analytics is like the crown jewel of Google Search Console and is crucial for both keyword and market research. It tells you the number of clicks as well as the position that your website is ranking for a particular keyword.

Search Analytics Screen Grab 4 Baecon Marketing

Rich Cards Screen Grab 3

BUT sadly.. the website is ranking for NOTHING!! We or rather i.. have a lot of work to do.

Manual Actions Screen Grab 4 Baecon Marketing

Manual Actions Screen Grab 4

Manual Actions look for spam activities that relates to my website. Spam affects website rankings negatively (negative SEO) which could come from competitors of the site.

International Targeting Screen Grab 5 Baecon Marketing

International Targeting Screen Grab 5

International Targeting is irrelevant for this website because it is usually only used for companies with multiple pages for different languages.

But since there’s no need for me to do that for this website, i’ll leave it as that.

Index Status

Index Status Screen Grab 6 Baecon Marketing

Index Status Screen Grab 6

Blocked Resource Screen Grab 7 Baecon Marketing

Blocked Resource Screen Grab 7

Great that there’s no blocked resource but it’s really really strange that there has only been one page indexed? I think i’ve submitted a sitemap for Google to Index. Maybe the sitemap that i submitted is considered indexation (?). Will have to check and get back to this.

Crawl Review

Crawl Errors Screen Grab 8 Baecon Marketing

Crawl Errors Screen Grab 8

Crawl Errors Screen Grab 9 Baecon Marketing

Crawl Errors Screen Grab 9

Crawl Speed Screen Grab 10 Baecon Marketing

Crawl Time Screen Grab 10

Crawl speed for the site has not been increasing over time which is a very good sign. However, there seems to be 10 indications of 404s shown in the Google Crawl error. Will take note and fix it later on.

XML Sitemaps Screen Grab 11

XML Sitemaps Screen Grab 11

I previously submitted a sitemap but it’s strange how Google did not index all of the submitted sitemaps. A possible reason why they did that is that there’s a possibility that there is duplicate content. Will take note and check it out again.


General Health Audit: Recap

So here are the results of the checks that i conducted in part 4.

Structured Data & Search Appearance

  1. No form of structured data/rich snippets detected on the site! Strange!

Search Analytics

  1. Index status showed only 1 being indexed. NTS to check back again
  2. Search analytics usually reveal the keywords that the website is ranking for as well as the number of clicks on the keyword. Sad that i don’t have much data on it.

Crawl Review

  1. Number of 404s for a few URLs
  2. XML Sitemap revealed that i have submitted 18 webpages with only 13 indexed. 143 images submitted but only 101 indexed. NTS to check on this again also.

Will be coming back to review this post again in the near future because there’s simply too much missing information! Lots of errors too.

I’v just added the URL to the search console to see if there’s any difference to the data. Will be back soon.

In the final segment of this case study for the site’s General Health Audit, i will essentially be looking at the site’s authority as well as checking on the quality of its content. Essentially, i will be covering these.

Authority & Content Checks

  • Domain Authority
  • Trust Flows
  • Backlinks
  • QDF & Scrape Checks
  • Plagarism
  • Social Media

Till’ next time.


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