SEO Audit Part 5: Case Study – Authority & Content Checks

SEO Audit: Case Study

For part of the General Health Audit, i will be covering the following pointers.

Authority & Content Checks

  • Domain Authority
  • Trust Flows
  • Backlinks
  • QDF & Scrape Checks
  • Plagarism
  • Social Media

Domain Authority

Domain authority actually helps us determine how well our website might rank. It compares our sites authority with our competitors.

This metric is developed by a third party; and not a google metric.

Based on a 100 point scale, a DA of 10 is means it’s low and 90 is high.

DA’s main driver is backlinks. Backlinks are like a vote on your site. The more sites that links back to yours, the higher your DA will be.

Domain Authority 1 Baecon Marketing Tool Bar- screen grab 1

A DA of 65 or higher is what we’re aiming for and as of now.. it’s a measly 1. Haha.

Trust Flows

A rating from Majestic SEO, given that not much work has been done to the website and its non-existent backlink profile, data taken from this website doesn’t show me much as well.


Trustflow Screen Grab 2 Baecon Marketing

Majestic SEO (Trust Flow) – screen grab 2


Basically, backlinks are non-existent for CYLCC (Children/Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic). As shown in Google Search Console & Moz Open Site Explorer. Got to work on that during the optimisation phase later on.

Backlinks Screen Grab 4 Baecon Marketing

Moz Open Site Explorer – screen grab 3

Backlinks Screen Grab 3 Baecon Marketing

Google Search Console – screen grab 4

QDF & Scrape Checks

QDF = Query Deserves Freshness. So yeah i popped it into google and no surprises there. I haven’t added any new content to the website recently so Google hasn’t noticed any changes. Going to start being more proactive from here on now with testimonials and all.

QDF Screen Grab 5 Baecon Marketing

QDF – screen grab 5

Scrape Check Screen Grab 6 Baecon Marketing

Scrape Checks – screen grab 6

Scrape checks just includes copying and pasting a chunk/string of text from the website then popping it into Google to see if anyone/website has scrapped the site; causing duplicate content. And no surprises here as well.


I used “Copyscape” as well to double check for plagiarism across the website. And yeah it’s just a safety net for the scrape check done earlier on.

Plagiarism Screen Grab 7 Baecon Marketing

Copyscape – screen grab 7

So far so good!

Social Media

Presence online on social media is healthy as well with Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook accounts. Though not extremely active online. These accounts give CYLCC more credibility and online SERP space.

Facebook Account for Children/Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic (CYLCC)

Twitter Account for Children/Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic (CYLCC)

Youtube Account for Children/Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic (CYLCC)

Instagram Account for Children/Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic (CYLCC)

General Health Audit: Recap

So here are the results of the checks that i conducted in part 5.

Domain Authority & Backlinks

  1. This website although relatively old (~5 years old) has little to no back linking done. Resulting in low domain authority. A lot of room for optimisation down here.

QDF & Scrape Checks

  1. QDF; new content has to be added to the website periodically
  2. No surprises there for plagiarism and scrape checks done for the website.

Social Media

  1. Company has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube accounts. Great.

Phew i’m finally done with the General Health Audit of this website! Now that i’ve pointed out problems with the website. It’s time to move on to something much more exiting. Time to optimise this website.

Till’ next time.



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