SEO Audit Part 3: Case Study – Traffic & Site Speed (Google Analytics & Site Speed Test)

SEO Audit: Case Study

So moving on to part 3 of the General Health Audit, i will be covering the following pointers.

Traffic & Site Speed

  • Google Analytics Review
  • Site Speed Test

For this section on traffic & site speed, i’ll be diving into these following questions.

  1. Is organic traffic rising? falling or flat?
  2. What are the top landing pages
  3. How is the site performing with users (engagement)
  4. How well is the site optimised for speed

Google Analytics

Alright so back to the website audit that i was working on previously. I know i had recorded some analytics data back in part 1 of this case study but in this section i’ll be going a little more in depth.

Looking into things like, top landing pages, traffic sources and overall website traffic.

I won’t be looking into every single thing because there are a thousand and one things that you can analyse in Google Analytics but will only touch on the crucial ones.

Audience Overview

Google Analytics Data 1 Baecon Marketing

Google Analytics Screen Grab 1 – Audience Overview

Given that i only installed analytics very recently, i only have so much data to work with. All i could do was compare data from Jul 28th, 2017 – Aug 28th, 2017 to Jun 26th, 2017 – Jul 27th, 2017; to the previous period.

So here’s what i got. Traffic flow has been low but consistent. There is a steady flow of visitors daily however i’d prefer to have an upward flow of visitors across time; i mean.. who doesn’t.

Behaviour -> Landing Pages

Google Analytics Data 2 Baecon Marketing

Google Analytics Screen Grab 2 – Top Landing Pages

Google Analytics Data 3 Baecon Marketing

Google Analytics Screen Grab 3 – Top Landing Pages

Google Analytics Data 4 Baecon Marketing

Google Analytics Screen Grab 4 – Top Landing Pages

Looking into the top landing pages, what i found out was the top three landing pages were,

  1. Home Page
  2. Contact
  3. About Us

I mean this isn’t surprising and it means two things to me. Firstly, people don’t really read the other pages that i’d set up.

The demographic that visits our website will directly contact the centre itself if they have any queries; they don’t even visit the FAQ page!

Secondly, more compelling content needs to be uploaded onto other webpages. For example, the blog site/subdomain that i had recently set up; will take a mental note to look into social ppc media buying.

Acquisition -> Channels

Google Analytics Data 5 Baecon Marketing

Google Analytics Screen Grab 5 – Traffic Source

As for traffic source, i can see that most of the traffic is direct. Which means people that visit our site already know about the centre. Most probably through word of mouth since the centre gets most of its customers that way.

Organic traffic is alright but i will be looking into long term content/keyword strategies later on to boost organic search traffic during the optimisation phase.

Social and referral traffic is depressing. But this means that there’s a huge opportunity for me to capitalise on this!


Site Speed

I know i looked into site speed before using Screaming Frog in other sections but i thought that it’d be good if i used Google Analytics to do the same too. This is what i got.

Google Analytics Data 6 Baecon Marketing

Google Analytics Screen Grab 6 – Site Speed Overview

Generally, the colour’s green across the board. So it’s a good sign. Moving on.

Google Analytics Data 7 Baecon Marketing

Google Analytics Screen Grab 7 – Page Timings

The site’s pretty new (recently installed analytics). So.. yeah it explains all the 100%.

Google Analytics Data 8 Baecon Marketing

Google Analytics Screen Grab 8 – Speed Suggestions

Opening up the page speed suggestions actually reveals a lot of problems/optimisation suggestions; things like minifying of html/css and stuff like that.

Will probably need a developer to help me out a little in the technical aspect of web development.

General Health Audit: Recap

So here are the results of the checks that i conducted in part 3.

Google Analytics Review

1. Is Traffic Rising? Falling? or Flat?

Flat for the most part of the last 2 months. It’s a great starting point and works as a bench mark to see if optimisation efforts work in the near future.

2. What are the top Landing Pages? 

Home, About Me and Contact pages. Could probably work harder to write more compelling and valuable content for visitors.

3. How is the site performing with Users?

The average time spent on the page dropped strangely but at least there has been an increase in the number of new users that visit the page.

Site Speed Test

1. How is Google picking up on my website?

Seems like there’s quite a bit of optimisation with respect to site speed when it comes to the webpage. Especially when i look at Google’s suggestions

Well yeah.., that’s it for now!

In part of the General Health Audit, we will be going into the Google Search Console. Essentially, i will be looking at these.

  • Google Search Console
    • Search Appearance & Structured Data
    • HTML Improvements
    • Search Analytics
    • Search Traffic
    • Index Status
    • Crawl Reviews

Till next time!

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