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SEO Audit Part 2: Case Study – What Search Engine Sees (On Page Signals)

SEO Audit: Case Study

For part of the General Health Audit, i will be covering the following pointers.

What The Search Engine Sees (Screaming Frog)

  • Redirects & Broken Links
  • Title Tags/Page Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • H1 & H2 Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Site Structure (Link Depth)
  • Response Times
  • Manual Individual Page Review (
  • HTML Validity (W3 Validator)

For the most part of it, i will be using a crawler ‘Screaming Frog’ to crawl the website.

Basically, what a crawler does is to crawl’s the website just like a search bot would. Duh.

Redirects & Broken Links

In Part of the SEO Audit, i did look at HTTP Status as well but mainly for the Top Level Domains (TLDs).

In this section, using the tool screaming frog will provide me with a much more comprehensive analysis and crawl. Listing out the HTTP Statuses of all the URLs on the website.

Screaming Frog 1 Redirects Baecon Marketing

Screaming Frog Screen Grab 1 – Redirects & Broken Links

Meta Data & Search Snippet

These are basically information about the page that is typed into the head section of the webpage.

In this section i’ll be checking if the title tag and meta description is of the optimal length (or pixel) for ranking.

Ideal length for title tag: 55-57 characters

Ideal length for meta description: 150 – 160 characters

Of course other than the length, i should check if they placed keywords further up infront of the title tag as well as the ‘clickability’ of the title tags & meta description.

I’ll probably relook the titles tags again later on when i try to optimise the site. Right now i’ll just be looking for opportunities and writing em’ down.

Screaming Frog 2 Page Titles Baecon Marketing

Screaming Frog Screen Grab 2 – Page Titles

Screaming Frog Meta Description 3 Baecon Marketing

Screaming Frog Screen Grab 3 – Meta Description

Well… seems like i didn’t do a great job at that. There are quite a number of duplicate Page Titles & missing or duplicate Meta Description. 

H1 & H2 Tags

Screaming Frog H1 Tags 4 Baecon Marketing

Screaming Frog Screen Grab 4 – H1 Tags

Screaming Frog H2 Tags 5 Baecon Marketing

Screaming Frog Screen Grab 5 – H2 Tags

Yikes! Seems like i fucked up a little on the H1 H2 Tags as well; with duplicates and missing tags. Well no worries. All these are opportunities to clean the webpage up and optimise it.

Alt Tags

Screaming Frog Alt Text 6 Baecon Marketing

Screaming Frog Screen Grab 6 – Alt Tags

Although there are images that cross the 100kb, webpage response time was less than 1second meaning there shouldn’t be too much problems wrt image size.

Alt text though.. there are some missing ones. Will have to pick them out later on and fill them up. Google would not be able to see what the image without it.

Site Structure & Link Depth

Screaming Frog Link Depth 7 Baecon Marketing

Screaming Frog Screen Grab 7 – Link Depth

Screaming Frog Page Speeds 8 Baecon Marketing

Screaming Frog Screen Grab 8 – Page Speeds

Performance here was amazin’. 98.89% of webpages under 1 second response time on top of link depth of only 3. (Less than 5 is already pretty good especially if the website is huge).

Manual Page By Page Review

Also, i’ll have to go through the painful process of going through my webpages one by one to check if they are functioning alright across all browsers and OS using the “User Agent Switcher: Chrome Plugin.”

Lastly, although i used Screaming Frog to crawl through my webpage, it’s still best to visit it as how google would see my webpage. Using i can see what a search bot would see on my website.

Browse Seo Screen Grab Baecon Marketing Screen Grab 9

What am i looking for exactly?

  • That text is really text, not images that a crawler would not be able to see
  • Missing or hidden elements (text hidden from the page itself)
  • Links are not obfuscated or with errors (Have descriptive anchors in place)
  • Proper use of tags

Both tests don’t reveal any major errors which is great! There aren’t any hidden texts on the pages.

HTML Test (WC3 Validator)

To validate the HTML code, i can plug the web’s URL into WC3 Validator. It scans the code for errors but i think i’ll leave this till next time when i have someone more proficient in web dev with me.

General Health Audit: Recap

So here are the results of the checks that i conducted in part 2.

Redirects & Broken Links

Titles Tags/Page Titles

  1. Robots.txt not blocking webpages.
  2. WordPress reading -> settings option unchecked.

Meta Descriptions

H1 & H2 Tags

Alt Tags

Site Structure & Response Times

Individual Page Review (

Alright! Guess that’s it for now!

In part 3 of the General Health Audit, i will be looking at traffic to the webpage as well as site speed.

Traffic & Site Speed

  • Google Analytics Review
  • Site Speed Test

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